Chartered Accountant Salary

Chartered Accountant Salary

What Is The Average UK Chartered Accountant Salary?

A chartered accountant is a vital cog for every business, big and small, within the UK.  When it comes to the average Chartered Accountant Salary within the UK, the figure and annual salary can differ depending on career and educational experience.

Chartered Accountant Salary Levels

A starting chartered accountant can generally expect to earn between £18,000-£25,0000. This varies depending on the size of firm, and also the sector in which you are working within. But, as a trainee chartered accountant, this is the overall going rate.

Once qualified, and two years after qualification a Chartered Accountant Salary in the UK can range from £42,000-£70,000 for the higher end in qualifications and experience. Obviously as you become more experienced, the pay would generally rise.

Again though, this can depend greatly on the size of the firm, your role as an accountant within the business or firm, and location too. You will generally find that in the UK, London and South East generally have a higher salary bracket than the rest of the country.

Becoming A Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountants are needed to undertake a 3 year trainee period before qualifying. Within this period! The starting salary mentioned above can also differ depending on the type of training package you are offered.

Each firm is different, and may take training and holiday entitlement into account when offering salary and terms of employment.

There are various roles and tasks for a Chartered Accountant to carry out, and with it, various job descriptions too. It is a professional business, and individuals looking to carve a career within the accountancy industry are required to act and dress professionally from the beginning.

Areas Of Chartered Accountant Employment

Once qualified, there are many areas of accountancy that a Chartered Accountant can pursue. The Chartered Accountant Salary can also differ depending on the area of accountancy too. This can include working within an accountancy firm (where you would generally carry out training), within a sole or private business including a corporation, or working within governing bodies too.

Each area carries its own responsibilities and tasks, and all business sectors require a Chartered Accountant, so, as long as there are job opportunities available, every business sector is an option.


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