What Does An Accountant Do?

What Does An Accountant Do?

The Roles Of An Accountant

When looking at what an accountant can do, and the roles an accountant plays within a business, it isn’t always just about tax. There are generally four main areas when it comes too, what does an accountant do?

Financial Accounts

Financial accounting is all about looking at the business from all financial angles. A financial accountant will look at all areas of a business financially. From past accounts and financial records, to the overseeing of payroll, and day to day financial activity.

Management Accounts

A management accountant is all about forecasting and looking into the financial future of a business. A management accountant would look into financial forecasts for the business and advise senior management on key decisions when moving the business forward financially.

What Does An Accountant DoAudit Accounts

Auditors come in two forms, as external or internal. External Auditors come into a business and produce independent reports after analysing the financial statements of the business. Internal Auditors generally work in the corporate sector and analyse the workings of the business to report to directors and senior management.

Tax Accountants

Tax accountants work to create and put together tax statements for businesses, as well as personal individuals too. This is the most popular and well known area of accounting and is one of the most important areas of accounting.

Their role is to make sure the company complies with all tax laws and provides up to date tax returns and statements every year.

These are the four main areas when it comes to – what does an accountant do?

It isn’t all about tax! As you can see from the above roles and jobs of an accountant, there are indeed many areas of accountancy. Each has its own role, importance and place in a business, and it shows how important an accountant actually is to the running of a business or corporate entity.

Without an accountant, it would be impossible to run a business.

If you are looking at what does an accountant do? With the thoughts of potentially tackling a career within this industry, then hopefully the above roles will have touched on an area that interests you within the accountancy industry.